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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Letter from Santa

Hey There kids!!!!
Santa just wants to say sorry there's not much going on this year for the Holidays. Santa's been really tired lately and somehow every time Santa goes to the workshop foggy headed-ness and apathy sink in.
See, Santa picked up a little virus back on the 80's. It was probably one of those damn Elf parties...those guys are crazy! Anyway we were all sharing candy canes and, well things were just a little different back then for Santa.
So now Santa's working really hard to get better so we can all enjoy life and the Holidays like we used to. Unfortunately "working hard" in this  case LOOKS like not doing much of anything, and paradoxically it is. Santa needs lots of rest to help the medicine work.
So Kiddos, Santa loves you all and that's why Santa's doing this nasty treatment...so we can enjoy many more Christmases together!
Peace and Joy to All!
S. Claus

© 2010 Jennifer Hazard

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