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Friday, December 3, 2010

Miss Cranky Pants

Hello All,
So yesterday was shot number....hell, I don't know; feels like one too many though. I must say I've generally been feeling a bit better lately, especially emotionally. I have been able to view this experience through a wider lens and instead of feeling trapped inside every aching moment  I've reminded myself that hardship has the potential to allow us to gain wisdom. (if that's the case I should be some sort of Guru by now) But seriously we only gain wisdom if we choose it; we can choose to become bitter, angry, resentful...you know the list. I've realized however that part of being wise is acknowledging the fact that we are not perfect, we are not Gurus, we don't know it all and we don't walk around in a Blessed State of Serenity, at least not all the time. Acceptance is perhaps the better part of wisdom (that may be an actual quote that's been floating around in my subconscious, if so I apologize for not giving credit)
So today, I'm allowing myself to be pissed. I'm pissed that I'm having a bad day and an experiencing "flu like symptoms" and I'm hungry and too sick to go to the grocery store and I'm pissed that I feel whiny. So there.
One thing I have figured out, on the emotional/psychological front, is that there are days I wake up feeling like crap, but I can push through it and end up having a decent day. Mornings are the worst for me, until I get something to eat, some coffee and water, I think I'm sick. For a long time I only listened to my morning self, not a trusty source, and just didn't do anything. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I find out that Morning Jenny, aka Miss Cranky Pants, is wrong, she's just being cranky and not wanting to get out of bed.
But then there are other days, like today, where I ignore miss Cranky Pants and go try to accomplish something only to realize I feel like I'm about to keel over or throw up, in no certain order. Today is one of those days.
One more boulder on the climb to the top of the mountain where the Wise old Guru sits,  laughing at the Human Comedy.

© 2010 Jennifer Hazard
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  1. Jenny - this is an excellent post! It is so important to validate our feelings, even those deemed "negative" by some and to pay attention to what our bodies need.


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