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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

may cause, fatigue, weight loss and Existential Angst

I had my 6 month follow up with the Gastroentologist yesterday. I usually try to arrive prepared with what ever questions have been buzzing around my head recently.  I had asked ahead of time for them to count how many weeks I've put behind me and how many left to go.
When I arrived at my appointment I must have looked as vacant and vulnerable as I felt, because the nurses were especially compassionate. They  are always very caring and thorough, but they went the extra mile this time.  I've been having a few really difficult days, headaches, emotional turmoil, no appetite and financial concerns, so I was already dragging.  To add to my pre-existing frumpiness, all my jeans hang off me like some Urban teenage boy, only without the cool and swagger; quite a different view on on 51 year old white lady. Naturally first part of the visit was to get weighed, I lost five more pounds. Ironic, I've always been conscious about my weight, nearly to the point of anorexia in my younger years; but in the last year or two I've come to appreciate my middle aged body and even gave away my "skinny jeans" (thus reinforcing my pathological obsession with hanging on to nearly everything 'in case someone needs it someday') The next bit of news was that although my hemoglobin had gotten to a reasonable level, 10, after a few weeks of  'the-shots I-can-never-remember-the-name-of', it was now back down around 8. I had suspected this because I've found myself becoming more easily winded again.
So here I am at week 28 (if I was geno 2 or 3 I'd be home by now) instead my eta is sometime in January, I could figure the exact date but I'm not going to just yet.
Whatever it is it's not soon enough. My Doctor, who I do enjoy, spent about a good half hour giving me a pep talk..."more than halfway through".."you'll clear this forever"...you'll return to the old you within days of stopping treatment" with all due respect to, and belief in, the power of positive thinking....I'm well aware that there's somewhere between 30 and 50% chance the virus will return within a year or two, if not sooner and most of the people I know who have been through treatment report that it took months to feel better. Somewhere between Pollyannaish optimism and complete nihilism there exists an entire web of possibility. I usually believe in some combination of destiny and self-determination, but lately I often feel too tired, too vacant to throw my cards on the cosmic blackjack table of self determination  vs. Destiny, aka, the Dealer. For today anyway, I''m paying my respects and giving homage to Lady Luck to play a few hands for me.
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  1. I watch my husband get thinner and weaker. He can not be treated as he is already too sick, ironic, isn't it? And you have to wonder about treatment that is so toxic...the liver clears toxins so where is the logic? There must be a better way.

  2. I'm very sorry for your husband, I wonder if there are some alternative therapies that could help him build up his strength. One of the reasons I chose treatment now is because I hadn't gotten too sick yet, now I just hope I can return to my former self once this is over. I wish you and your husband the best.


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