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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Final Thoughts and the Future

Hello Everyone,
After much consideration I have decided I no longer have the time to contribute to this blog on a regular basis, at least not in a way that can be consistently useful My energies in the Hep c community are better utilized by participating in support groups and my continuing to do outreach and education within my community. I am enclosing a video blog as my parting message and I do hope you will utilize the resources I have posted in the links section.
Also please do make use of the items I have posted over the past 2 years and do feel free to add comments, questions or feedback as updates will continue to be forwarded to my email account.
I wish you all well on your journey with this disease and hopefully on the pathway to a cure.
Health and Blessings,

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  1. I just saw this-congratulations for beating the dragon/ I am on some of the facebook pages, I have been away for a couple of weeks now, my husband got diagnosed with leukemia and I have been at the hospital keeping him company. I am a null responder who still has hap c, and i go for an ultra sound on the 12th of june (it was supposed to be after a trip to nyc that i had to cancel) to see if i can hang in there for tx again until they come out with all pill regimen. i sure hope so, me and interferon did not like each other the last time i tried tx, i just had breast cancer in nov...and i am just plain scared of being indoors for 48 weeks. i only got 6 months the first time, as i did not respond and 1 day the second time, i had bad reaction to interferon. thank you for that videotape, hope to see you somewhere. it is scary out here.

  2. Jenny thank you for sharing your journey, and the informational links. You are a blessing. Good Luck with all that you are doing for the Hep C world!

  3. Cool hang in there.


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