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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guest post by Anna

Hi All,
Here I am done with treatment, although still feelings the effects of Thursdays shot, looking forward to see what the future brings. I'm feeling optimistic, knowing I can't feel worse than I have for the past 48 weeks, ha ha!
 I wanted to share the link to this post by Annmarou at Heppy Countdown.  First of all she has a delightfully wry sense of humor that is valuable for anyone on treatment or puzzling with this disease. Most importantly, however, is Anna's Strength and Courage when questioning and confronting her doctor. Anna's story is a shining example of assertive self advocacy. It's so important that we remember that this is our health were dealing with and we are required to make choices that can be life altering. If our medical providers fail to provide us with adequate information, choices and emotional support, it is our right to ask for what we need.
One more note, I know it's not always easy to be assertive, to speak up for ourselves, I wasn't very good at it until I hit a certain age; in that case it may be an option to have a trusted friend, family member or professional advocate (if your community has them) accompany you to your appointments to ensure you are receiving the care that is your right.

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  1. Hi Jenny

    Glad to hear your finished Tx and yes you are are so right about the return journey, good for some, periless for others.... Hope all goes well and congrats on finishing.
    Take care

  2. Thank You John for your feedback. I think it's just frustrating to not feel well IMMEDIATELY!! Ha ha. One feels as if the dues have been paid and wants to return to "normal". Patience and self care is the best medicine at this point, I suppose.


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